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stained glass repair Seattle

stained glass repair Seattle

Stained glass is among the most beautiful and cherished objects in the world. A stained glass window is an incredible addition to any building. In addition to windows, stained glass may be utilized in a number of other ways including on doors, in churches and on wall hangings. When stained glass becomes damaged it requires professional stained glass repair in Seattle. Only an experienced repair service can properly repair and restore a stained glass art object or heirloom.

Stained Glass Repair in Seattle

Stained glass panes and decorative works are breathtaking when the light shines through them. Unfortunately, it can become damaged and in need of stained glass repair in Seattle. Generally, stained glass is held together with metal. When the metal becomes damaged it can cause the pieces of glass to loosen and then can even fall out of the piece entirely. When this occurs, the entire piece is in danger of being ruined. When one part fails it is likely that similar damage will occur.

Each piece of glass has to be examined for damage. When there are small cracks the piece could break or the piece might break out. Damaged pieces can make a stained glass panel look dreadful. A missing piece can be replaced by a professional experienced in stained glass repair in Seattle. A new piece of glass must be created in the exact shape, size and thickness necessary to replace the broken piece.

Restore Beautiful Stained Glass

Stained glass is beautiful but when it is in disrepair it detracts from its appearance. Do not simply discard a piece of stained glass if it is broken. It simply needs some attention from a professional glass restoration studio.

One of the concerns with antique stained glass is the lead beading that holds it together. This metal can break or fall away over time sometimes. When this happens, the pieces are in danger of falling out. You should not risk this happening. Instead, take the piece in for repair as soon as possible. Exposure to the elements and to water and heat can cause problems for some pieces of art. As soon as you notice a problem, remove the damaged item from its location and protect it with bubble wrap until it can be restored.

High Quality Glass Repair

Glass restoration is an art form. It requires a professional with years of experience to properly fix an item. Amateur attempts at restorations can actually cause further harm to the piece and may not make it look good. A professional repair will not only restore the look of the piece but also its value. Properly restored stained glass looks as good as it did when it was first created and will continue to bring years of joy to those who view it. Bokrosh Studio provides high quality glass restoration services as well as new glass sculptures in Seattle. If you have a stained glass object that is in disrepair, don’t throw it away or put in the attic. Have it professionally repaired. Contact to learn more about our glass art studio..

stained glass repair Seattle

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stained glass repair Seattle

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