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Packing Station

Packing Station

Packing Station

e-Systems Group is one of the top custom manufacturers of mission-critical custom workstations, technical furniture, server racks, and other equipment for many different industries and various applications. We are the leading brand for the design, manufacture, and distribution of customized workbench tables and technical assembly desks and tables.

We have been in the industry for over six decades and have stayed that long; we have established a reputation for premium quality products, seasoned professionals, and the highest level of customer service for our clients.


The e-systemsGroup product lines span industries and applications, including custom engineered control room consoles, data center racks, technical workstations, security reception desks, surveillance consoles, and more.


Our Packing Stations

Packing stations are critical to the operations of warehouses, fulfillment facilities, or shipping and distribution centers. We provide packing stations that offer you efficient, ergonomic furniture that adds value to the work environment. Our assembly tables can easily be outfitted with accessories and components to meet your needs.

We have seasoned professionals who are trained to customize the ideal packing station for your particular working environment. That way, you get a piece of technical furniture that you can easily modify to your specific needs.

Our adjustable height packing stations offer improved safety and efficiency, streamlined processes, increased output, and revenue for distribution operations.

Our Packing Station Accessories

LCD Monitor Arms & Computer Mounts

Power, Data & Plumbing Raceways

Steel & Particle Board Pegboards

Keyboard Trays

Manual or Automatic Adjustable Controls

Surge Protection

Wire Managers

Grommet Holes

Drawers & Mounted Casework

Installed Plugs & Bottom Mounted Plugs

Bin Box Rails

Roll Holders

Cooling Device & Sound Dampening Enclosures

Mounted Plug Strips

Foot Rests & Ergonomic Support Systems

Shelf Dividers (Vertical)

Fully Modular Shelving

Overhead LED Lights & Sealed Overhead LED Lights

Rolling & Locking Casters

Edge Rails

Mounted Uprights

Computer Holders

Tool Balancers & Rail & Trolleys

Upper & Lower Bin Shelves

The e-systemGroup team can easily use any of these accessories to create customized, durable packing stations designed to maximize productivity and efficiency. You can count on our packing stations because they are made to fit your working environment. Regardless of your industry or the size of your company, we can design and manufacture ergonomic assembly desks that add but value and functionality to your work environment.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. You can check what people say about us here.

Contact the leading custom manufacturer of workstations and technical furniture 

At e-Systems group, we are famed for engineering and manufacturing the best custom workstations, technical furniture, server racks, and other critical equipment for a wide variety of industries. Our company boasts more than six decades of technical experience and expertise! Over the years, we’ve partnered with industry giants and small businesses alike to create hyper-efficient solutions for everyone. If you’d like to know more about our services or have a custom solution specifically made for your needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us online or call us at 800-432-1337. 





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Packing Station

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