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Synthetic Turf Cleaning in Canton and Atlanta, GA

Cleaning Synthetic turf

Great American Green Inc. has both tractor mounted and handheld cleaning tools to thoroughly clean and care for your installed synthetic turf. Cleaning capabilities include standard residential backyard designs and putting greens extending to large commercial areas or playing field complexes. The existing turf that’s been installed would be sprayed with a biodegradable cleaning solution to assist with the artificial grass appearance and general smells of the artificial turf. The installed turf would also be inspected for any damage, fraying, seam separation, degrading of material, edges, and overall appearance for an accurate assessment of the cleaning project.

Services or repairs that may require an additional charge:

  • Fill requirements depending on the type of fill
  • Repairs pertaining to the extent of the damage
  • Weed removal and herbicide treatment
  • Magnetic scanning of the grass area
  • Heavy pet use and odor

Without proper turf management and standard cleaning, the surface of the turf will prematurely show wear and will look matted. If the area is not swept and no maintenance the turf will eventually need to be replaced to regain the original turf appearance. Let Great American Green provide the Cleaning Service to prolong the performance, look, and longevity of your Synthetic Turf.

Great American Green is interested in providing the cleaning and customer service for a long-lasting synthetic turf with the natural green grass appearance. Our commitment is to deliver on the confirmed tasks and to provide our expert input for the proper care of your artificial grass. Please give us a call at (770) 475-5537 or text us at (470)429-8851 for a synthetic turf cleaning appointment or for any questions regarding your turf.

Synthetic turf cleaning has some general requirements for long-term beauty and performance. regular cleaning of synthetic turf will provide the care and maintenance to preserve the original turf appeal and appearance.