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Artificial Turf Installers Atlanta

Artificial Turf Installers Atlanta

Artificial turf is the ideal solution to your backyard problem. Instead of dealing with puddles and muddy whenever it rains, you can enjoy lush grass that’s easy to maintain. However, installing artificial turf yourself is simple, but you might not have a perfect finish. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional like the artificial turf installers at Great American Green, Inc. to lay synthetic grass for you. For DIY lovers who want to install artificial turf, follow our guide on how to install artificial grass yourself.

Steps To Install Artificial Turf

You can install artificial turf with little to no help from experts. Here’s how you can do it:

Inspect the worksite

First, you’ll need to inspect the site you’d like to place the turf. Clear the worksite of trash, assess the soil condition, and create an unobstructed pathway.

Excavation and make changes

Dig up the soil in your worksite. Make changes to drainage, irrigation, or other underground obstacles during this time.

Build base

You need to create a flat surface for your turf. To do this, fill the area with a similar sub-base around 3-4 inches deep and then compact the base using a vibratory plate compactor. Leave a ¾ in. space between the hardscape edge and base and use a tamper to compact hard-to-reach corners and edges.

Measure, cut, and properly lay the grass

Once your base is ready, roll out your turf and let it wait in the sun for about one hour to soften it and make cutting easier. If you are working with multiple rolls, the blade direction and stitch designs must be facing the same way. Carefully move your artificial turf into the proper position.

The best cutting tools are carpet cutters and razor knives. All cuts should be from the back so that you can see the stitch rows. When cutting, make sure you leave 1/4 in. over the edge. This will help with the finishing touches. Place your turf into the proper position once you cut into the correct shapes.

Secure the perimeter

Once your turf is laid, you can secure the edges to lock them into place. Start by tucking the ¼ in. Staples every three square feet within the interior and every three to six inches around the perimeter to secure the turf.

Infill and add finishing touches

It’s time to place the infill now that the grass is laid out. The turf you have bought has specific infill requirements, and following them is crucial to your artificial turf’s appearance and performance. Spread about 2 lbs of infill per square foot and use a stiff-bristled broom or power broom to brush the infill and blades to get a natural and freshly-mowed look. You can now enjoy your newly installed artificial turf.

Contact Great American Green, Inc. For Artificial Turf Installers Atlanta

If you would like a professional to do it for you, Great American Green, Inc. got you covered. Our installers have years of experience installing artificial turf.

Call us today at 770-475-5537 for help or learn about financing with FlexxBuy.

Artificial Turf Installers Atlanta

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Artificial Turf Installers Atlanta

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