Artificial Turf Versus Grass: The Benefits of Artificial Turf for Your Business

vsRunning a business isn’t just about balance sheets and customer service. It’s also about presenting a brand image to the world.

The exterior appearance of your store or office plays a role in supporting that brand image. That means you must give the landscaping some attention if only to outsource its care to someone competent.

When it comes to your lawn, though, natural grass isn’t your only option. You can also opt for artificial grass. You might wonder what benefits you get by picking turf versus grass.

Let’s dive in and look at some of those benefits.

Reduced Water Use

It takes water to make a lawn look healthy. In rainfall rich areas of the country, that’s a simple matter.

It’s a tougher pill to swallow in rain poor and arid regions where lawns require sprinkler or irrigation systems. Adding insult to injury, around half of the water you use on your lawn ends up as waste through runoff or evaporation.

Artificial grass requires almost zero water. Except for an occasional hosing off to keep dust from building up on it, artificial grass needs no water.

Reduced Costs

Natural grass requires persistent maintenance throughout the growing season. Research shows that the growing season is longer now than in the past.

That should come as unwelcome news for business owners since lawn service averages around $136 a visit. The price can quickly climb up into several hundred dollars a visit if you get add-on services, such as fertilization and pest control.

Artificial grass comes with a steeper upfront cost, but almost no ongoing costs. You might not recoup your money overnight, but it’ll take less time than you’d think.

You also save money on your water bill.

Ideal Length at All Times

Many towns and cities maintain a policy or regulation about lawn length. Let the grass grow too long in front of your business and you get a terse letter or fine from the city.

With artificial grass, you can get it at the city’s preferred length. Plus, it stays that way with no thought or effort on your part.

Improves Curbside Appeal

The external appearance of your business can attract customers or drive them away. A rundown storefront with peeling paint and a ragged lawn will drive customers away.

A pristine lawn that always looks green and at peak health gives a different impression. It helps create a psychologically favorable attitude toward your business.

Parting Thoughts on Turf Versus Grass

In the turf versus grass debate, artificial grass offers your business several key benefits.

It cuts down on your water usage by removing the need to water your grass. This proves especially beneficial in arid regions. You reduce ongoing lawn maintenance costs and lower your monthly water bill.

You escape any unfriendly warnings about violating local lawn length policies. You get the bonus of improving your overall curbside appeal with a lawn that always looks green and well maintained.

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