Dog Park Paradise: The Benefits of Artificial Turf for Dogs

dogeSynthetic or artificial grass is eco-friendly because it doesn’t need to be watered, mowed, or fertilized. However, if you install artificial turf for dogs, it’ll make life better for you and your dog.

Turf grass for dogs looks just as realistic as an actual lawn. Your dog won’t be able to tell the difference. Plus, artificial turf offers advantages that natural grass doesn’t have.

Here are the benefits of getting fake grass for dogs:

Artificial Turf For Dogs Is Less Dirty

Artificial grass and dogs go well together. Dogs don’t get dirty when they play on an artificial turf.

Real grass grows in dirt. When playing on a growing lawn, dogs attract dirt and bugs. This includes fleas, ticks and ants. Dog owners then worry about their dog bringing the dirt and bugs into their residence.

Less dirt means less time you’ll have to spend bathing your dog. You’ll also spend less time cleaning your living space. Your dog is also less likely to develop odors.

Easier To Clean

Cleaning artificial grass is easy. It’s easier to spot/clean dog feces and urine on artificial turf. You simply whip out the pooper scooper, do your thing, and spray down the synthetic grass afterwards.

All it takes to remove the urine smell from artificial turf is water and vinegar. Mix equal parts in a spray bottle and spray the area that smells.

The best grass for dogs is artificial and designed for maximum drainage. Drainage makes cleaning up and staying clean easier.

Bonus: Unlike real grass, your dog’s excrement won’t stain or kill artificial grass.


Most dogs are more comfortable on pet-friendly artificial grass than hard surfaces. Dogs are more likely to damage their paws on cement. Even if a dog’s paws can handle cement, that surface is still hard on their paws.

Dogs are more comfortable resting on soft surfaces.

For dogs and humans alike, walking on artificial grass is more comfortable than walking on cement.

Less Weeds and Chemicals

Weeds usually grow in natural grass areas. Many of these weeds endanger dogs’ health. Even daffodils are dangerous to your dog.

While weeds sometimes grow in artificial grass, it doesn’t happen often.

People often treat real grass with pesticides and other chemicals. These pesticides and chemicals are dangerous for your dog to ingest.

It’s usually safe for dogs to chew on artificial grass. Most artificial grasses are non-toxic.

However, some older synthetic grass brands contain toxic substances. Also, many imported artificial grass brands have lead in them.

Play it safe by finding out as much as you can before buying or installing artificial turf. Only buy artificial turf from reputable brands. If an artificial grass product lacks key information, don’t buy it.

Do It For Your Dog

Dog urine contains nitrogen, something that kills natural grass over time. Artificial turf for dogs can withstand bathroom action and much more.

If your dog likes running around or digging holes, this also damages a regular lawn. Pet-friendly synthetic grass is designed to handle the wear and tear of doggy paws.

Be a good dog parent and look into different kinds of artificial turf. Your dog will appreciate it.