Always Greener: The Benefits of Artificial Grass over a Live Lawn

mowerDon’t let the grass grow under your feet. Now really is the time to replace your live lawn with artificial grass.

We’re going to help you make the move and show you why going fake can literally be a walk in the park.

Low Lawn Maintenance

If you’re weary of watering or suffering from fertilizing fatigue on a hot summer’s day, then an artificial lawn could be the way to go.

Just think. No more mowing, aerating or pulling out those unsightly weeds year after year. And, with the latest products looking as good as the real thing, fake grass is a superb landscaping solution anywhere.

There’ll also be no mud for children or pets to tread through the house, leaving your home always looking immaculate.

Your fake lawn can help you be the perfect party host. Having a lush green lawn look creates a great first impression for guests at the social gatherings you’re hosting.

Helping the Environment

Real grass lawns can also come at a cost to the environment. They account for around thirty percent of all precious residential water use.

And, some manufacturers are even using recycled materials, like old tires or plastic bottles, to make fake lawns.

Using mowing machinery, blowers or trimmers will create pollution that can far outweigh the oxygen producing benefits of grass.

Save Money over Time

Our pet-friendly fake lawns are a great way to lower your water bills. This could end up with you saving hundreds of dollars over the years.

Your lawn will also keep the green color you love without the need for expensive sprinklers or the garden hose.

So, say goodbye to dried grass, brown patches that are scratchy underfoot and can even create dust.

Your fake lawn will also help reduce the impact of grass allergies.

And, if you miss the smell of grass cutting, there are rumors that a grass-smelling spray may be hitting the market soon.

Varieties of Artificial Grass

Going fake makes choosing how you want your grass to look so much simpler.

Products are available in a wide range of blade lengths, colors, and textures. The new generation of synthetic grass would fool most of us.

Some blades are even variegated, made up of several colors, which makes them look even more like natural grass.

Great Products at Affordable Prices

Sustainability is an important factor to consider whether you’re designing a lawn for a home or business.

We know you’ll want artificial grass that not only looks natural but which will stand up to the test of time.

Artificial grass is hard wearing and able to withstand hours of play time. It’s an ideal surface for parks and private playgrounds.

So, whether you’re deciding what will perk up a golf green or a dog park, look no further. We have the solutions backed up by more than forty years of experience in our field.

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