5 Ways Turf Grass Can Improve Curb Appeal

yardThe way that your property looks can either draw the eye or leave people unimpressed. Installing turf grass is an easy way to quickly and drastically improve your curb appeal without breaking the bank or your back. Here are 5 ways artificial turf can dramatically increase your curb appeal:

Have Time to Focus on Other Landscape Elements

Many people elect to have artificial grass installed because it requires minimal to no maintenance. As a result, while you no longer have to spend time or resources caring for a lawn, you are then able to devote time to the other landscape elements—flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. This is especially beneficial for those who live in dry areas with little moisture.

Well Groomed

Between mowing, weeding, fertilizing, preventing and eradicating pests and, watering a lawn, it is estimated that a majority of homeowners spend an average of three hours a week caring and maintaining their lawn. The biggest benefit of artificial grass is that it does not require any of this regular maintenance, saving homeowners time and money. Your artificial lawn will always look pristine and well groomed with minimal effort.

Increased Property Value

Not only will a well-groomed landscape attract potential buyers if you’re selling your home, it will also improve the value of the property by presenting a neat lawn that looks large and perfectly green. Additionally, many homeowners nowadays are more environmentally conscious and are willing to pay more for a property that has water-wise landscaping, minimal maintenance, and reduces the need for chemicals.

Freedom With Landscape Design

Have you ever wanted to incorporate bright colors, attractive shrubbery, and other similar elements into your landscape design? Artificial turf makes it easier to personalize and have the freedom to design the landscape that you have always wanted. Artificial turf can be strategically installed in places that complement current design features or can be used to create spaces that will incorporate other design elements. Turf is most commonly used to accent pathways to firepits, water features, and other popular elements.

Looks as Good As it Feels

When a yard looks lush, full, and green, people are going to be tempted to stop, take off their shoes and walk through the grass. And they will likely be surprised to discover that what they are looking at isn’t grass at all.  Modern-day turf has a realistic feel to it that makes it a popular choice for those with pets and small children.

Turf grass can turn a yard from subpar to extraordinary. With minimal maintenance required, it is easy to sit back and enjoy a beautiful yard without having to work tirelessly to make it beautiful.