Benefits of Astro Turf for Commercial Applications

courtyardAstro turf is the perfect solution for many commercial applications. It looks like real grass, but without the usual required regular maintenance and watering. It can also count toward LEED certification, if that’s on your company’s to-do list. Synthetic grass can commonly be found in shopping malls, common areas, median strips, rooftops, and commercial landscapes.

Why Choose Synthetic Grass?

Many businesses elect to have synthetic grass installed rather than natural grass because it is good for the environment, is green all year, and can ultimately cut down on maintenance costs. Many businesses budget thousands of dollars annually for landscaping upkeep and maintenance. By reducing this big expense with synthetic grass, companies can save money over time.

Where Can You Install Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass can be installed just about anywhere, which is another reason so many businesses and commercial buildings prefer it to natural grass. You can find synthetic grass in airports, military bases, government facilities, roadway medians, shopping center medians, schools, urban buildings, and on playgrounds. Astro turf is also being installed in areas where natural grass won’t grow. These are typically areas where watering is not possible or hard to access, where excess shade prevents growth, or where foot traffic destroys the lawn.

Advantages of Synthetic Turf for Commercial Applications

In addition to cost-savings, here are some ways synthetic turf can benefit your commercial space:

  • Provide a healthy, lush looking landscape year-round, with no brown spots or weeds
  • Beautiful green grass regardless of weather or drought conditions
  • Unlimited design possibilities—rooftops, indoors, steep slopes, heavily shaded areas, and non-accessible areas
  • Always available—can be used as soon as it is installed, no more having to wait for the grass to regrow after heavy use
  • Clean environment—no longer have to worry about dirt and mud, as synthetic grass can be used immediately following a rainstorm

Great American Green recognizes that many commercial spaces are looking for an alternative to natural grass. As a result, we sell high-quality synthetic grass that is quick to install, low-maintenance, and will keep your outdoor space looking great all year long!