Fake Grass Applications That Might Just Surprise You

soccerFake grass is versatile and can be installed in a wide variety of applications, some of which may surprise you.


Artificial grass is commonly installed on playgrounds. Artificial grass can be cut and installed around curves and other irregularly-shaped surfaces, making it perfect for many parks with abnormal curves and edges. It is durable and can withstand hours of play time, making it a great surface for parks and private playgrounds. Many child care facilities have begun trading out wood chips and gravel for turf because of its softness and durability.

Dog Parks and Dog Runs

Artificial grass is a great material to install at dog parks and in dog runs because it’s easy to clean and maintain. Artificial grass isn’t adversely affected by puppy potty habits, keeping the grass always looking green and healthy. Additionally, turf is safe enough for pets to play on, while still durable enough to resist scratching and pawing.

Competitive Sporting Fields

Many NFL and college teams use turf in lieu of grass due to its durability and the ability to easily incorporate large logos. Turf can be made into any color, making it easy to customize with a professional team’s brand. Additionally, colored turf can be used to create large visual boundaries outlining the field and other markers.

Nowadays, fake grass is more and more prevalent because of its convenience, durability, and environmental impact. If you are interested in learning more about how artificial turf can improve your landscaping, park, or sports field while cutting down on maintenance, contact Great American Green today!