Is Artificial Grass Bad for the Environment?

backyardIt seems that everywhere you look now you will find artificial green grass. It is now being installed at residential homes, commercial businesses, sports complexes, and dog parks, and plenty of other places. Now that artificial turf seems to be taking over and becoming the outdoor landscaping option of choice, it is beginning to raise the question: is it good or bad for the environment? Great American Green would like to discuss three of the most common environmental concerns surrounding artificial grass.

Excess Runoff

The reason that many people believe the excess runoff from artificial turf is bad for the environment is that the water will carry whatever chemicals are in the turf into the storm drains. If this were in fact the case, there may be a problem. But the truth is that there are no chemicals within artificial turf. This is one of the many reasons why artificial turf is better than natural grass, as there is no need to use fertilizers and pesticides that are full of chemicals. Additionally, turf systems are equipped with drainage systems that allow turf to drain excess water significantly better than natural grass, resulting in less runoff.

Not Recyclable

One of the biggest arguments against synthetic grass is that it is not recyclable, so at the end of this life span it will contribute to landfills. While it might come as a surprise, artificial turf is actually 100% recyclable. The fibers can be melted down and used to create new products.

Not Living Vegetation

It is true that synthetic grass is not a living vegetation, therefore it can not create oxygen or provide a habitat for insects or worms. While you might have synthetic grass, most yards will still have trees, bushes, flowers, vegetable garden or other living vegetation. Your lawn might be synthetic, but your landscaping won’t all be. Plus, we think one of the biggest advantages of having artificial grass is having an insect-free lawn!

Artificial green grass can have a positive environmental impact and improve the aesthetics of your home. Whether you are looking for a drought-friendly, low maintenance, or environmentally-friendly option, artificial grass is the solution you’ve been looking for!