While artificial turf Atlanta doesn’t require as much routine maintenance as natural grass, there is still some maintenance that will need to be done to ensure your turf continues to look its best. Similar to how natural grass relies on rainfall to grow and stay green, turf depends on rain for cleaning. But, what do you do in areas, such as Atlanta, where rainfall is scarce? Homeowners will need to clean their turf themselves. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep your artificial turf looking brand new.


Brushing is dependent upon foot traffic. Areas that experience high foot traffic may see matting of the fibers, especially after becoming soiled with either dirt or airborne pollutants.

Cross brushing can help to restore turf’s natural appearance. To cross brush means to brush against the natural grain of the turf, as this will fluff up the fibers. To successfully achieve this, use a bristle brush that is designed for artificial turf.

Clear Debris

Remove any rotting debris from the turf, including leaves, branches and any other debris that might land on the turf. Keeping turf free of debris will help your artificial grass looking clean and well-maintained.


Every week, gently spray down your lawn with water to remove dust, dirt, and/or pollen that may have collected in the fibers. In addition, occasionally watering down your turf can help to prevent the unequal distribution of infill.

Clean Up After Pets

Artificial turf Atlanta is perfectly safe for pets to run and play on, and cleaning up messes is quick and easy! When you notice a mess, use plastic bags and pooper scoopers to clean it up, followed by hosing down the affected area. This will help to keep your turf smelling fresh.

General Clean Up

Don’t be afraid to enjoy your new artificial turf, as stains can be easily cleaned up. Most spills can be cleaned up by simply washing away with water. For tougher stains, use a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water, or equal parts of vinegar and water, to work the stain out. The sooner you are able to attend to spills and stains, the better.

If you are looking to install artificial turf in your yard, contact the experts at Great American Green in Atlanta! We can help you find the right turf to complement your space and your lifestyle.