Before you can begin artificial turf installation, there are a few tools and necessary steps that must be taken prior to beginning work. Here are a few things that you’ll need to think about and prepare for before the professionals arrive to install your new turf.


  • Measurements: Carefully measure your outdoor space where the turf will be installed. Knowing your measurements will enable you to design a layout that will minimize the number of seams within your turf.
  • Existing Landscape: Consider all the landscaping elements that you already have in your space. Are there any trees? Planters with concrete borders? Pavers? If so, be sure that everything is fixed or installed before you measure to get an accurate measurement for your new turf.
  • Irrigation: Do you have sprinklers installed for trees or plants? Are you going to need to install an irrigation system? If so, be sure that your irrigation system is in place prior to installing your artificial turf.
  • Drainage: Is your existing drainage system going to be adequate with new turf installed? If not, you might need to have additional drains installed or modify your existing drainage system.
  • Obstacles: Are you going to need additional supplies to protect your property from rodents or damage? Make sure that your property is secure to prevent pets from pulling up your newly installed turf.

Ground Preparation

  • Debris Removal: The first step to preparing the ground for artificial turf is removing all debris from the area. This includes all unwanted grass, vegetation, large rocks, mulch, and tree roots.
  • Underground Hazards: Be sure to locate all underground irrigation pipes, sprinklers, and electrical conduits. Either cap or remove any unwanted irrigation systems.
  • Base Preparation: Base installation is crucial for artificial grass installation. An even layer of 2/4 crushed granite or rocks must evenly be spread over the desired area. The base should be spread, graded, and leveled to meet specific design and drainage requirements.
  • Compact Ground: Dampen the ground and then compact with a small compact roller. Repeat this process until the area is smooth and firm, as this will eliminate any unwanted bumps under your artificial grass system.

Now that you know and understand how to prepare for artificial turf installation, you can hire the professionals at Great American Green to make it happen. At Great American Green, we have years of experience installing artificial turf systems that look great and last for years!