For dog owners, creating the perfect outdoor space is a top priority. Not only do you want a space that your dog will love, you also want a space that is low-maintenance and looks great! Artificial grass is great for pet owners, as it is the perfect solution to many of the most common problems that pet owners face when they landscape with natural grass. Here are a few benefits of having artificial turf installed instead of natural grass.

  1. Easy to Clean

One, if not the biggest advantage of artificial versus natural grass is how easy it is to clean. Many dogs use the yard as their private bathroom, which means it is essential to clean up after them so that the rest of the family can enjoy spending time outside. Artificial turf is easy to hose down, washing away liquid waste, while solid waste is easy to spot and dispose of. Accidents aren’t as easy to spot in natural grass, which means you never know when you might find yourself sitting or stepping into an unpleasant mess.

  1. No Mud

Even with a fully landscaped yard, there will still be mud, and chances are your dog will find it and track it into your home. This means that you will have a big mess to clean up after your dog comes back inside. With artificial turf, there is not need to worry about mud getting tracked inside, as there is no mud to begin with.

  1. Always Looks Good

No matter how much time your furry family member spends outside playing on the grass, it will always look good! There will not be any signs of damage or wear and tear because of its durability, no matter how big or small your pet is. This can’t happen with natural grass, as it can quickly start to look patchy or muddy after hours of play.

  1. Great for Playing

Artificial turf is great not only for your dog to play on, but for your whole family! With its soft texture your dog will not have any irritations under its paws as it runs around for hours on end having fun, chasing a ball, and just being outside! In addition to your dog having fun outside, you and your whole family will enjoy the soft texture as you are able to roll around on the ground, playing with your dog.

  1. Can’t Dig Up the Yard

Does your dog enjoy digging holes in the yard for no reason? This can be infuriating, as you have to spend time filling in their countless holes instead of playing with them. Not to mention, holes make your outdoor space look less than spectacular. Artificial turf is the perfect solution to this problem, as they are able to still play but not dig holes like they used to. This will provide you with a yard that looks good and you’re proud of.

  1. Affordable

Now that you have read some of the benefits of turf, you might think that it is going to be a major investment. The truth is, artificial grass is more affordable than you might think if you are smart about it. Look for recycled turf, that not only looks great but is considerably cheaper than purchasing brand new turf. If you can’t find any recycled turf, new turf can still be affordable and will save you money over the course of its lifetime!

At Great American Green we provide quality artificial grass solutions that are perfect not only for your dog, but for your whole family! Don’t wait any longer, give us a call today and invest in a yard that will provide your whole family an enjoyable place to play outside and explore!