People have used astro turf in a variety of ways since it was first invented in 1965. It is essentially maintenance free, and it withstands heavy foot traffic very well. The turf is also made without harmful chemicals, so you don’t need to worry about using it around the home. If you are thinking of installing it on your property, here are some creative uses that you may want to consider.

Putting Greens

Consider using it to create your own putting green. If you miss the challenge of hitting the little white ball into the hole when the weather isn’t cooperating, then you may want to install a putting green in your basement. It can also be used to build a putting green in your backyard where you can challenge your friends.

Residential Landscaping

There are many ways to use artificial turf throughout your yard. If you have a pool, you’ll find that it provides an excellent non-slip surface around the pool deck. You can also install the turf to brighten up areas where grass refuses to grow. Those in hot areas can choose to put it on the patio to avoid burning their bare feet on hot days.

Sports Fields

You have probably seen it used on many different professional and college athletic fields, so why not use it to build a sports field in your own backyard? With costs falling compared to earlier years, the use of synthetic turf is higher than ever before. When it is game time at your house, you will not need to stop and mow first. Choosing more than one color makes it easy to mark off the boundaries and division lines needed to play your favorite game.


Never worry about mud puddles forming under your children’s playground equipment when you install this type of artificial grass. It easily withstands heavy foot traffic without needing to be replaced. Also, your children will not be exposed to harmful chemicals when they play on it. End the countless hours of trimming weeds around playground equipment and enjoy more time playing with your kids.

Dog Runs

Artificial turf provides an excellent surface for the inside of your dog run. In addition to looking nice, the turf keeps your dog out of the mud and dirt. It also makes it much easier to clean up after your furry friend.

When you’re ready to use astro turf for a project at home, contact Great American Green for supplies and helpful tips.