Synthetic turf is a game changer. Today’s artificial grass is nothing like the hard Astroturf surface of the 60s and 70s that not only looked fake but also caused a lot of injuries. Artificial turf looks real, and it’s good for the environment. The following outlines some of the top benefits of having this landscaping surface installed on your residential or commercial property:

Say Goodbye to High Maintenance and Its Associated Cost

Once you have an artificial surface installed on your property, your maintenance drops to virtually nothing. You no longer have to mow the lawn or pay for someone else to mow or do other tasks associated with maintaining the health and appearance of natural grass. For homeowners, this gives you additional time to do what you really want, namely spend valuable time with your family.

For institutions such as schools, the cost savings are even more pronounced. Natural grass will look shabby and worn when a field is used more than three days per week. Daily maintenance is often required, especially when multiple teams use the same space. Artificial grass eliminates this need. In addition, this premium artificial surface may be used approximately 3,000 hours per year with no “rest” required.

Excellent Return on Investment

Installing artificial grass represents a one-time investment. Your installation will pay for itself within three to four years due to reduced maintenance costs. Over a 20-year period, the cost of synthetic grass will be about three times less than that of natural grass, even when one replacement surface is figured in.

Pet-Friendly Option

Do you have a furry friend that spends much of his or her time outside? Artificial turf is the perfect pet- and human-friendly surface for backyards and/or dog runs. Synthetic grass makes it easier to clean up after an animal, and you won’t have to worry about them dragging mud throughout the house after digging up the lawn.

Kind to the Environment

You may not think that a product manufactured to replace something natural is good for the environment; however, synthetic turf benefits the earth in a number of ways. Industry statistics indicate that artificial grass saves 4 to 8 billion gallons of water annually. Installing an artificial surface also results in less pesticide and fertilizer use, which are leading causes of water pollution. Because these surfaces never need mowing, artificial grass also reduces the incidence of air pollution from push and riding lawnmowers.

Let Great American Green, Inc., beautify your property with a safe, fully artificial grass surface. We will provide you with a full consultation and additional information about how our services can meet your landscaping needs and keep your property in top shape.