How To

Looking for a way to add atmosphere to your property? With the right landscape inspiration, you will have the ability to upgrade your yard. For a standout look, turn to the professionals at Great American Green, Inc for inspiration and service.

Unite Your Senses

Do away with senseless landscapes when you find the right inspiration. Landscape creations are not merely to improve the outward appearance of a given structure, but offer the chance to bring out the inner structure within all of us.

Did You Know That Color Has Feeling?

While this feeling is not the same for all of us, it is still a feeling. We bet you never thought of a line having an attitude, or a hill being aggressive. We all know what we hear controls how we feel quite well, but have you ever considered that "serenity" is hiding among swaying palms of grass, just as curiosity and adventure lurk in the depths of an abandoned mine?

As children we learned what feelings were and how many we have, many from the things we saw through our eyes. Most of us even have the visual memories of those moments when we felt the most. The ancient philosophers from many times past knew all too well powers of a well-placed line, moving in graceful harmony-perfectly together. It would hold the most aggressive hill at bay. To exist with visual balance creates balance within us.

We would say the view which surrounds us, does more to control us than we could ever imagine. Think of the tremendous effort taken and the great lengths gone so we can feel—just feel!

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